Dear Collectors,
After a long absence and some major corporate changes, CryptoCelebrities is back on! The new owners and developers are dedicated to the game and focused on the long-term improvement and growth of our community. We’ve learned important lessons from the incredible success of the first iteration of CC; and, maybe more importantly, we’ve learned valuable lessons from the failures as well.

What’s new:

The original smart contracts are, of course, unchanged and forever saved on the blockchain. However, the new team has decided to add some extra features to the UI end. We have also created and launched a brand new sale contract that allows collectors to sell their contracts at a discount on site. We hope that this new feature will add liquidity to the game and allow for a more sustainable, long-term economy to form.

Next steps:

During July 2018, we plan to focus our efforts on bug hunting, monitoring the system, and testing the new features with the help of the community. Advertising and promotions will only begin once we feel the UI is stable and free of bugs. We are back to beta mode and officially under a media embargo.

We’re hiring!

The CryptoCelebrities dev team is expanding and preparing for the challenges ahead. We’re seeking:

  • Community managers and moderators
  • Full stack developers
  • Content writers
  • Graphic designers and artists
  • Media buyers and advertisers

If you’re interested in working with one of the most successful blockchain games in history, please send us your CV.
Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks.

The CryptoCelebrities Team

Announcement: We're back! New team, new features and big plans for the future. Read more..